How to Fix Windows Update Issues

Are you stuck with a Windows Update? The issue could be related to corrupted Windows Update Cache files. If that is the case you will need to purge the Windows Update Cache. The Update Cache is a special folder that stores the update installation files. It is located at  C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download. How to manually Purge the […]

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How to add SSL Encryption to an Owncloud Server

Last Update: 4 months ago.

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Tip: have iPhone’s LED flash light up when pinging it from your Apple Watch

Owners of the Apple Watch can easily find their misplaced iPhone by tapping a dedicated icon on the Settings glance, which will cause the connected iPhone to emit a high pitched sound. I’ve been using this trick since the Apple Watch came out to locate my iPhone, which shows an unnerving tendency to disappear under a pile […]

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How to find and remove ‘Other’ files from iPhone and iPad

The ‘Other’ category in iPhone and iPad’s storage doesn’t have to take up so much space. The “Other” category on your iPhone and iPad is basically where all of your caches, settings preferences, saved messages, voice memos, and… well, other data is stored. There is no simple way to identify and remove data in the […]

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Having issues with iOS 9 and your data connectivity? Here is the fix

iOS 9 breaks cellphone data connectivity with MVNO (network operating on another network). Here is how to fix it: 1- If you currently have a “H2O Profile” you must delete before you do any changes. The profile is located in Settings > General Profile. 2- Visit this page ( from your mobile browser (connected to […]

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Learn to Navigate All of OS X with Keyboard Shortcuts and This Guide

We’ve talked plenty about the importance of learning basic keyboard shortcuts , but if you really want to dig into some of the more obscure navigation shortcuts of OS X, writer Matt Gemmell has you covered. Read more… from Lifehacker via IFTTTLast Update: 2 years ago.

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How to permanently delete your Facebook account

Reader Amy Campbell has had enough. She writes: I just heard that Facebook not only tracks everything you post, but also things you’ve chosen not to. That’s a little too creepy for me and I want to delete my account. How do I do that? According to a report by Jennifer Goldbeck written for Slate, […]

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Prevent a Mac from sleeping from the command line

We’ve run a number of hints about preventing a Mac from sleeping, such as this and this. I came across another really simple way to do this, using the pmset command. Just run this command in terminal: pmset noidle Terminal will display the following text: Preventing idle sleep (^C to exit)… To allow the Mac […]

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How to remove a “duplicated home page” in wordpress

Several wordpress themes have a problem where a duplicate "Home Page" shows up in the Menu when you are using a "Static Page" as your Home page. If you want to get rid of the duplicate home page, you must follow these instructions: Last Update: 2 years ago.

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How to make time machine to recognize any disk for backup

The following are some simple instructions to set up a new backup volume from scratch and have Apple Time Machine to recognize it: ♦ Find your machine name (machine_name) and run the following command in terminal (in this example we're creating a 250GB partition): hdiutil create -size 250G -fs HFS+J -volname 'My Backups' -type SPARSEBUNDLE […]

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