How to Enable TRIM on Your New SSD HD for Improved Performance on Your Mac

Last Updated on April 19, 2024 by Freddy Reyes

If you replaced your Mac old hard drive with a new SSD HD, You need to enable TRIM to improve the performance of your solid-state drive.

TRIM allows the operating system and the drive to communicate about which areas of the drive are considered unused and thus ready to be erased and rewritten.

If TRIM is not enabled, users can see significantly slower drive writes as the drive begins to fill up.

Here’s how to turn TRIM on:

Ensure you’re logged into your Mac with an account with Admin privileges. Next:

  1. Run Terminal
  2. Execute the following command and enter the admin password: sudo trimforce enable
  3. The system will display a notice, then ask you if you are sure you wish to proceed. Type in y
  4. The system will then indicate that it will reboot and ask if that’s OK. Type y again.

Now wait for the system to restart, and you’re done. TRIM should be enabled on your new HD.