How to exclude Z-Wave devices with Smartthings Hub

How to exclude Z-Wave devices

Z-Wave devices require a separate command and physical confirmation from the device itself (usually a button press) in order to be reset (or “excluded”) and removed from a controller (like the SmartThings Hub).

Note: In order to exclude a Z-Wave device in the SmartThings app, you must have the physical device with you and be within the range of the SmartThings Hub.

Removing and excluding a device that is already connected

Your Hub will enter exclusion mode automatically when you remove a Z-Wave device is removed from the Devices menu.

  1. From the Home screen, select Menu (Menu icon) and touch Devices
  2. Select More Options (More Options icon) and touch Edit
  3. Select the device and touch Delete device
  4. Touch Delete to confirm
  5. The app will prompt you to perform a Z-Wave exclusion on the device. Refer to the device’s manual for specific exclusion steps
  6. The app will indicate when the device is successfully removed. Touch Done


For more information and link to the original Samsung Smarthings support document click here

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