How to Use Siri with Smartthings: Installing Homebridge on Mac

Last Updated on April 19, 2024 by Freddy Reyes

If you have a home automation system such as Smartthings and want to be able to use Siri to control your home devices (open doors, turn on lights, etc). You need to install an open source software called “Homebridge”.

If you own a Mac these are the instructions (using terminal):

1- Install Homebrew:

$ xcode-select –install
$ ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”
$ brew doctor

2- Install NPM (Node Package Manager)

command line: $ brew install node
or download it from here:

3- Install homebridge:

$ sudo npm install homebridge
if you get an error change the /usr/local/lib/node_modules directory permissions to 777 (temporarily)

4- Run home bridge

$ homebridge

5- Create the config.json file and copy it to $HOME/.homebridge

This is code sample:

Content of config.json
“bridge”: {
“name”: “Homebridge”,
“username”: “XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX”,
“port”: 51826,
“pin”: “XXX-XX-XXX”
“description”: “JSON API”,
“platforms”: [
“platform”: “SmartThings”,
“name”: “SmartThings”,
“app_url”: “”,
“app_id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“access_token”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

6- Install plugins (

These are the ones that I tried and it’s respective npm commands:

  • npm i homebridge-lifx
  • npm i homebridge-wakeonlan
  • npm i homebridge-platform-wemo
  • npm i homebridge-thermostat
  • npm i homebridge-samsungtv
  • npm i homebridge-people

7- Add HomeKit to iOS

HomeKit is actually not an app; it’s a “database” similar to HealthKit and PassKit. You can try iDevice, Eve or Devices to be able to discover “homebridge” on your network.

When you attempt to add Homebridge, it will ask for a “PIN code”. The default code is 031-45-154

8- Remote Access (outside the home network):

If you own a third-generation Apple TV or newer, HomeKit accessories can be controlled with an iOS device away from home, even when Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are not available and you’re using a phone’s cellular connection.


  • Disable 2-factor authentication
  • On Apple TV, sign out of iCloud and iTunes Store
  • Sign back on both iCloud and iTunes Store
  • Verify that you can access Homekit from outside the home network (turn off wifi on your iPhone)
  • Re-enable 2-factor authentication