Easy T-Mobile Shadow Customizations: Neo Themes, Menu Additions, and More

Last Updated on March 28, 2023 by Freddy Reyes

T-Mobile Shadow Customizations: The easy way:

I put together all the programs that I created to help you to customize your T-Mobile Shadow in a easy way (reducing registry customization to a minimum).

The customizations include:

  • Different Neo Themes: Blue, Black, Green, Red, iPhone, and others
  • Neo Menu Customizations: Additional Menus for YouTube, Google Maps, News, etc.
  • Alpha Numeric Dialer: Now you can dial 1-800-Hello
  • Neo Photo Dialer: Dial your top 5 contacts clicking on their pictures.
  • Rinku’s Iconbar Plugin: Add a graphical iconbar at the top of your phone.
  • Much more to come.

These are available http://www.freddyreyes.com/dl/?category=1