Top 20 Mac Shortcuts to Improve Your Workflow: A Guide for Windows Switchers

Last Updated on March 28, 2023 by Freddy Reyes

If you switched from Windows to Mac as I did. Sometimes it’s difficult to match all the new shortcuts from Mac with the Windows shortcuts. Here are some of the common Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts:

(Command key) – Sometimes called “Apple key”; on Apple keyboards this key also has an Apple logo ()
(Control key)
(Option key) – “Alt” may also appear on this key
(Shift key)
(Caps Lock) – Toggles Caps Lock on or off
fn (Function key) – Located in the lower left corner of built-in keyboards on portable Macs

Finder keyboard shortcuts

Key combinationWhat it does
Command-ASelect all items in the front Finder window (or desktop if no window is open)
Option-Command-ADeselect all items
Shift-Command-AOpen the Applications folder
Command-CCopy selected item/text
Shift-Command-COpen the Computer window
Command-DDuplicate selected item
Shift-Command-DOpen desktop folder
Command-FFind any matching Spotlight attribute
Shift-Command-FFind Spotlight file name matches
Option-Command-FNavigate to the search field in an already-open Spotlight window
Shift-Command-GGo to Folder
Shift-Command-HOpen the Home folder of the currently logged-in user account
Command-IGet Info
Option-Command-IShow Inspector
Control-Command-IGet Summary Info
Shift-Command-IOpen iDisk
Command-JShow View Options
Command-KConnect to Server
Shift-Command-KOpen Network window
Command-LMake alias of the selected item
Command-MMinimize window
Option-Command-MMinimize all windows
Command-NNew Finder window
Shift-Command-NNew folder
Option-Command-NNew Smart Folder
Command-OOpen selected item
Shift-Command-QLog Out
Option-Shift-Command-QLog Out immediately
Command-RShow original (of alias)
Command-TAdd to Sidebar
Shift-Command-TAdd to Favorites
Option-Command-THide Toolbar / Show Toolbar in Finder windows
Shift-Command-UOpen Utilities folder
Command-WClose window
Option-Command-WClose all windows
Option-Command-YSlideshow (Mac OS X 10.5 or later)
Command-ZUndo / Redo
Command-1View as Icon
Command-2View as List
Command-3View as Columns
Command-4View as Cover Flow (Mac OS X 10.5 or later)
Command-, (Command and the comma key)Open Finder preferences
Command-` (the Grave accent key–above Tab key on a US English keyboard layout)Cycle through open Finder windows
Command-Shift-?Access Mac Help
Option-Shift-Command-escForce Quit Finder
Command-Up ArrowOpen enclosed folder
Control-Command-Up ArrowOpen enclosed folder in a new window
Command-Down ArrowOpen highlighted item
Command-TabSwitch application–cycle forward
Shift-Command-TabSwitch application–cycle backward
Command-DeleteMove to Trash
Shift-Command-DeleteEmpty Trash
Option-Shift-Command-DeleteEmpty Trash without confirmation dialog
Spacebar (or Command-Y)Quick Look (Mac OS X 10.5 or later)
Command key while draggingMove dragged item to other volume/location (pointer icon changes while key is held–see this article)
Option key while draggingCopy dragged item (pointer icon changes while key is held–see this article)
Option-Command key combination while draggingMake alias of dragged item (pointer icon changes while key is held–see this article)

The “right-click” on MacBook Pro works by placing two of your fingers on the trackpad and click.



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