Is Your IoT Setup Secure? Use BullGuard’s Internet of Things Scanner to Find Out!

Last Updated on March 30, 2023 by Freddy Reyes

You’ve invested considerable effort in configuring Alexa to control your wireless speakers, living room lights, and smart cam, but is your new IoT setup safe?

BullGuard provides a convenient and straightforward tool to identify any basic issues. Known as the Internet of Things Scanner, this service examines whether any of your devices are listed on Shodan, a search engine that allows public access to IoT devices like cameras, printers, and thermostats connected to the internet. Devices that are publicly accessible could be at risk from hackers if there are exploitable security flaws in their software.

Utilizing BullGuard’s web app is a breeze – simply visit the website and click “Check if I am on Shodan.” Within a few seconds, you should receive a response. If successful, you’ll see a result similar to the one above.

Afterward, you can select “Deep Scan” to inspect devices on your network and determine if BullGuard’s scanner detects any security concerns. However, BullGuard cautions that a deep scan could potentially result in vulnerable devices appearing on Shodan. If issues are found, BullGuard promises to provide information on securing your at-risk devices.

Additionally, the company offers an IoT consumer guide with three essential tips for safeguarding your network, applicable to everyone, regardless of whether they own smart devices or not: Set a password for your smartphone, alter the default password for your router’s admin features, and change your Wi-Fi network password from the default.

In summary, BullGuard’s IoT scanner is a user-friendly method to identify any glaring vulnerabilities when incorporating new devices into your expanding smart home ecosystem.

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